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Prof. Dr. Yildirim: "Modern Army is modern Ergenekon

Diyarbakir, Turkey, July 24, (Aknews) - Prof. Dr. Kadri Yildirim has said here today that the 'Modern Army' that is going to be established for the Kurds would be destroying both the Kurds and AK Party as well .

The first meeting of the Kurdish Question's Forum, which had been organized in Ozgur Der's Diyarbakir Branch has ended. Artuklu University's Living Langauges Institute Manager, Prof . Dr. Kadri Yildirim, has criticized the approaches of the tribes, sects and other Islamic congregations against the Kurdish Question.

Prof. Yildirim, reminding the discourses, saying: "Those who are fighting for the Kurds are not accepting Islam, also said: "If the Kurdish Question is not solved today, then it's the fault of the sects, tariqats and congregations."

"If the Islamic circles show such an attitude against the Kurdish Question, avoiding, denying and rejecting, it means they don't know that Islam has supported the Kurdish Struggle and stood against the oppression. Certainly they will be out of their religion. If I were them, I would stand out of my religion as well. But if I still preserve my religion it's because I know the essence of Islam."

Prof. Yildirim mentioning that Turkish, Arab and Persian scientists have been disrespectful against the Great Kurdish thinkers, adding that there is a woman called 'Gavane Kurdi, ' who used to speak her mother's tongue which was in Kurdish during Prophet Mohammed 's time without any intervention."

Yildirim, mentioning that he is meeting critics just because he is making a program in TRT 6 has continued as follows:

I'm there, because TRT 6 is broadcasting in Kurdish. We may discuss about why such steps have been taken, but I may say that the Kurds and their rights are not recognized. The Kurds are running a struggle of rights and independences.

Today, if we see the results of the State taking steps such as TRT 6, it is Bradost in Dimdim Castle who has contributions in this; so does Ahmede Xani , Melaye Ciziri, Feqiya Teyran and the PKK as well. No body should deny these, because these steps have been put forward due to the obligations which are provided by this struggle."

Yildirim, mentioning that the Kurds have been standing to live with Turks. due to the fact that they are coming from the same religion. has added that they would have already separated themselves from the Turks if they did not belong to the same religion with them.

Yildirim. adding to his words that the PKK has decreased its demands from a free Kurdistan to education rights in the mother tongue, mentioned that the State is still not taking any steps.

Turning to AK Party's Diyarbakir, MP Abdurrahman Kurt present in the Saloon, he said:

"Modern army is modern Ergenekon and this has two barrels. If one of them is going to be turned to Kurds and against the rights of the Kurdish Public, the second will be turned against the AKP. One to us and the other to you. The modern Army will destroy both the Kurds and the AKP."

Yildirim, explaining that the Kurdish Question is not a matter of economy, but rather a matter of identity and cultural rights, has presented his views as follows: "I am an academician and my salary is close to 4-5 billions a month. I don't have any economic problems, but I want the independence of my language and my nation above all."

Dk/SH (AKnews)

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