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    Press is a 2010 Turkish drama film directed by Sedat Yılmaz, which tells the story of tells the story of six employees at the Diyarbakır office of Turkey's first Kurdish language daily newspaper.

  • Gali Kurdistan TV
  • Zagros TV
  • Newroz TV
  • KurdSat
  • Half Moon

    Half Moon (Kurdish: Nîwe Mang/Nîvê Heyvê) is a 2006 film written and directed by the Iranian Kurdish filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi. Half Moon is a joint production of Iran, Austria, France and Iraq.

  • Camp Unity

    CAMP UNITY was constructed from over 100 hours of footage shot during the Summer and Fall of 2008, when filmmaker Ryan White spent a total of 9 weeks filming in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

  • Rojin

    Rojin is a maid at a chic hotel in London. When she overhears a hotel guest, memories of her past in Iran, a country she fled long ago, come rushing back.

  • Kurdistan Regional Government

    The Kurdistan Region Presidency (KRP) announced the launch of the website on 22 April, coinciding with the 110th anniversary of the publication of the first Kurdish newspaper.

  • Wêje û Ziman