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Submitted by Rêvebir_E on 26 July 2010

»KurdWatch« is an independent Internet portal that reports on human rights abuses against the Kurdish population of Syria.

We focus on daily political events, such as arrests or trials, and research background information, for example on the structure of Kurdish political parties in Syria, the denaturalization campaign of 1962 or the violence against women in primarily Kurdish areas.
Also of interest are reports on everyday life in the Kurdish settled areas of Syria, including those on the economic situation, the health-care system, and demographic trends.

We are less concerned with being the first to present events—our goal is rather to produce reliable information backed by several sources. In this manner we aim to close the existing knowledge and research gaps about the situation of the Kurdish population in Syria and to support the work of human-rights organizations, scholars, politicians, journalists, courts and other interested parties.

You can contact us at [email protected].